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At Home Smart Energy we believe that attention to customer service and quality ensures that we can install without compromise. We can assist with all aspects of your energy requirements. Home Smart Energy can advise you on reducing your carbon footprint and saving you money on your energy bills. The Feed In Tariff Government incentive for Solar panels can help provide additional income in the process. Solar systems can also add many benefits to the value of your home including the luxury of energy security.

Contact us today with your enquiry and let one of our experienced energy assesor advise and design a bespoke system for your requirements.

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PV Storage

Central Heating Management

Energy Equipment and Solutions

At Home Smart Energy, we supply and install state of the art energy equipment to save on your ever increasing electricity bills and provide you with green energy. Our solutions for water and home heating systems are based on the energy efficient design, construction and working mechanisms of our hardware systems. We have an expert team of engineers, technicians and skilled workforce network all over the UK. With the implantation of latest technology and our nationwide offices network, we are able to cater to the needs of the entire UK population using cost-effective formulae.

Thermodynamic Energy Equipment

  • Thermodynamic Network: The aluminum based thermodynamic panel is the key resource for our water and home heating systems. The designers have incorporated the sophisticated construction mechanism, in which the device uses the micro level energy from the ambient air temperature and the macro level energy from the solar radiation. The device transforms these two forms of thermodynamic energy to transfer the heat to the water inflow through the transfer mechanism of the refrigerant. The heated water flows through the outlet into the water tank and then gets distributed to the various outlets in your home. The second channel of outflow gets directed into the home heating system consisting of preinstalled radiators and floor heating systems.
  • Thermodynamic Panel: The aluminum based thermodynamic panel has an efficient design for absorbing maximum volume of energy within the minimum time frame. Then it transfers the entire heat through the R134A refrigerant.
  • Thermodynamic Box: The device has a pressure pump which increases the temperature of the refrigerant which converts into gaseous form. The gas passes through the heating element and transfers its entire energy into the water stream passing through the system. Now the condensed refrigerant converts back into liquid form and re-circulates into the panel. The cyclic processes continue at an efficient rate.
  • Water Tank: The highly insulated water tank stores the hot water for a specific interval of time before transferring into the water outlets (showers, washing machines, faucets etc) and into the radiators of the central heating system.

Central Heating: The central heating system consists of insulated pipes and radiators with individual control panel. The individual connection to each radiator ensures maximum energy utilization with zero losses to the external environment.

Solar Energy Equipment

The solar energy equipment from Smart Home Energy comprises of the solar panel, inverter, PV storage batteries and the network of pipes and electrical installations.

  • Solar Panels; Our solar panels capture low lighting from the solar radiation and convert it into sustainable direct current from the thermal energy.
  • Smart Inverter: Our smart inverter can transform the DC into AC with high ratio. For example, the system has the capacity to transform 36Volt of DC into 230V alternating current. The output from the inverter can be directed to the electrical appliances in your home.
  • PV Storage: The PV storage system can work with DC and AC compatible batteries that work in tandem to enhance the efficiency of the system.
  • Energy Solutions: All our energy management solutions are based on the quality standards of MCS, NICIEC and HIES standards.
July 29, 2017


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April 11, 2017


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