​Spray Foam Insulation & Roof Repairs

  • Roof strength doubled
  • Condensation eliminated
  • Create a usable loft space
  • Reduce heating costs by up to 40%
  • Improve the air you breathe
  • Complies with Building Reg

Home Smart Energy believe preparation is key, before we spray we will carry out the following repairs as required.

  • Ridge tiles re-pointed/re-bedded
  • Valleys repaired
  • Chimney flashings repaired/ replaced and acrylic coated
  • Broken tiles replaced,Slipped tiles repositioned
  • All water ingress is dealt with and all work is covered under our 10-year guarantee

History Spray Foam was first developed by the American military to use on aeroplanes in the 1940’s. .Later an industrial grade become available which was first used by American potato growers in their sheds.

Then in the 1970’s it had been developed to be use as an insulation for homes by the Americans who used it as much for keeping their homes cool in summer as for keeping their homes warm in the winter

The original grade of foam which came to the UK was Icynene which was an open cell foam (allowing water to pass through). The was used on roofs in all sorts of conditions as it was sprayed directly on to the underside of the roof tiles and completley covered the rafters,. It was a complete disaster as water got in and rotted the rafters, resulting in complete roofs needing to be replaced.

Today a completely different story, Home Smart Energy will refurbish your entire roof inside and out then mask up the end of the rafters before applying the latest. Polyurethane Rigid Spray Foam.

The foam we use is ‘Walltite’ which has been developed by internationally famous BASF the largest chemical company in the world. The foam used is…

  • a Closed Cell Foam
  • with qualities of NO water penetration,
  • having the Best Heat loss Insulation possible,
  • giving fantastic Sound insulation from outside noise
  • and at least Doubling your roof Strength.
  • it is expected to Extend the outside roof for at least 25 years
  • whilst saving up to 40% of heating bills
  • plus it will reduce the Heat in your house in the summer

Once the outside roof is perfect we repair/replace the Sarking felt on the inside of your roof and mask up the end of the rafters

The foam is heated in our van outside and via a heated hose it is sprayed at 123 degrees fahrenheit. We spray about 6 layers of foam with each layer bonding to the felt and sides of the rafters, trying in 3 -5 seconds.

Home Smart Energy only spray BASF ‘WALLTITE’ said to be the best in the market.

The Life Expectancy of ‘Walltite’ is that it will last the life time of the building.


BASF only allow contracted Trained Licensed Professionals to use their ‘Walltite’ product.

Traditionally until now if your roof is leaking badly you would either have all the tiles taken off and have new felt installed, with the old tiles going back on or if the tiles are to porous you would have new tiles re-laid.

Now there is a much cheaper alternative check out our pricing and what the many, many additional benefits are!


If you are going to have Rigid Foam Spray installed in your Loft there is only one way to do the job and that is ‘correctly’ otherwise it should not be done:

You must have a good roof to work with

The outside needs to be perfect (refurbish if necessary) Inside the Loft, only spray on the Sarking Felt of Membrane (Never directly onto the back of the tiles) Do Not spray the ends of the Rafters Allow ventilation in from the Eaves

The foam needs to CLOSED CELL (resistant to water)

And that’s exactly what we do…