Solar Energy Equipment Supplier

Home Smart Energy is a UK based Solar Energy Company that supplies vast range of modules, inverters, and solar PV storage systems. We provide cost-effective quality solutions for the renewable energy needs of our customers. We can install our systems in homes, business and commercial establishments, industrial and construction sites, and other places which require green energy.

solar energy equipment suppliers

Solar Energy Supplier – Modules

Home Smart Energy is the solar energy supplier 8.33 Smart Solar module. Our compact system installation area is 13% less than its equivalent systems. It is fine tuned for the supply of 285W power, with a maximum voltage of 31.88V and power current of 8.94A and 60 cells. It is designed to work at a power tolerance of 0-+10W under variable external conditions.

  • Installation: At Home Smart Energy, we have a team of solar module experts, who can install the 8.33 Solar module, connect it to the supply lines, and ensure smooth functioning of the system in all the aspects. With a dimension of 1640mm x 992mm x 35mm and 18KG net weight, our system is a compact powerhouse to meet and exceed all your power needs of the day. After installation, the system can be connected to multiple ports through MC4 Compatible connectors of the system.
  • Compatibility: Our system has a maximum DC voltage of 100V (DC), 5400Pa wind load and 2400Pa snow load. It is compatible for all types of power needs in multiple climatic conditions. The operating temperature of our 8.33 Solar is between -40-degree-C and +85-degree-C. The 8.33 is highly compatible with the Micro inverters. If your roof has limited space and more electricity demands, our 8.33 solar is the right module you will ever need.
  • Service: Our service standards at Home Smart Energy are rated as the best in the industry, with conformance to the BS EN 61215-1 standards. Our experts can answer all your queries and troubleshoot every type of problem you encounter. We provide with detailed information about the quote, power supply parameters, technical specifications, and the savings you make on your electricity bills every month. Our technical and customer service experts are available to attend the post installation services at any time.

Solar Energy Company – Single & Dual Phase Inverters

We supply and fit single and dual phase inverters, our SolarEdge single-phase inverters get seamlessly connected to the 8.33 solar-module. Our system has the latest technology systems integrated into its design.

  • Specifications: The 3KW HD-Wave inverter can convert the DC into AC with its highly efficient power optimizer technology. The efficiency of the system is rated to be above 97% at standard conditions. The inbuilt module level monitor ensures connectivity between the 8.33 solar-module through broadband connection or Wireless-ZIGBEE. The power rating the inverter is 2.14K to 4KW at 3000W power. With a compact dimension of 280mm x 370mm x 142mm and net weight of 9.5Kg, our ingle phase inverter is rated to be the most efficient system for your needs.
  • Installation: Our product specialists can install single and dual phase inverters as well as the SolarEdge single-phase inverter at any location of your premises within the shortest span of time. We take care of all the configurations for connectivity with the 8.33 solar-module and the solar PV storage using efficient procedures. This product is certified by the DAKKS (G83/2) for the energy efficiency.
  • Service: As a dedicated Solar Energy Company, we have a dedicated service infrastructure for fulfilling all your installation, configuration and post installation needs. Our customer care unit works efficiently to handle all your queries and problems to provide real time solutions.

Solar PV Storage

As a leading solar energy supplier in the UK, we bring you the top rated SoFar ME3000SP with a Pylon battery, giving up to 5KW draw down when needed for efficient battery storage. It is compatible with all types of micro inverters. We can install the AC compatible battery at any location within your premises and provide continuous connectivity between the inverter and the storage system.

  • Expertise: With years of experience in handling solar PV storage systems, we have mastered the latest technology systems. Our expertise can help our customers harness the best of AC power supplies in variable weather conditions.
  • Technology: Our systems have been designed to work with the latest technology in renewable energy. We consistently improve our services and hardware to match with your increasing electricity needs. Our solutions enable higher savings with enhanced applications.