Economy 7

Prolong the life of your battery and maximise performance by utilising economy 7 with our built in timed grid charger.

During the shorter winter days, there might not be enough generation from a PV system to cover the base load of a property, or to add significant electrical charge into a Hybrid Battery.

To solve this problem and to make the most of your investment, you can top up the charge on these batteries with electricity purchased using lower rate Economy 7 electricity. Our battery charger has an inbuilt grid charger that can be set to match both your lifestyle and economy 7 setting

This stored energy can then be used during periods where higher tariffs are usually charged, making the best use from your system and significantly increasing the return on your investment.

Economy 7 tariffs are cheaper than other standard price plans, because they use most of your energy at night, when electricity costs less. The off peak night time is often a seven hour period, which is why we called it Economy 7.