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Home Smart Energy is a certified green energy supplier in UK according to the standards of MCS, NICEC and HIES regulations. Our aim is to reduce the carbon and other harmful gaseous emissions and improve the environment friendly methods for water and home heating systems. Our efficient infrastructure comprises of thermodynamic and solar powered heating devices, heat preserving pipelines and experienced installation teams across UK.

MCS Green Standards

The MCS is a leading certifying organization in UK for green energy suppliers. The agency conducts regular audits based on the QMS system based on the UK environmental agency and its own standards.

  • Quality Assurance: The basic framework audit procedures cover the hardware infrastructure, analysis methods, planning, pre-installation checklists, installation procedures, customization levels, maintenance procedures and troubleshooting techniques. At Home Smart Energy, we conform to all the requirements consistently.
  • Green Energy: The utilization of green energy as a fuel for the water and home heating applications started gaining popularity in the UK after 2010. We have been in the forefront of popularizing the green energy sources as an efficient alternate to the conventional thermal, hydro and nuclear energy systems. At Home Smart Energy, we strive to convert the existing systems at the micro and medium consumer levels into green resources dependency. They include residential, commercial and industrial applications.

NICIEC Green Standards

Smart Home Energy conforms to the NICIEC green standards in principle and practice for plumbing and pipe installation, electrical systems, heating and micro-generation of energy.

  • Installation: Our installation of thermodynamic panel, thermodynamic-magic-box, water tank, and the pipelines conform to the electrical and plumbing standards of the NICIEC.
  • Audit: At Smart Home Energy, we have a system of conducting internal audits for the quality assurance in the NICIEC QMS manuals. We inspect, analyze, and test our systems regularly. We take the preventive and corrective measures to reduce/ eliminate the non conformances from our system in a phased manner.
  • Policy: At Smart Home Energy, we conform to the green standards of the NICIEC in our quality policy and objectives. By adopting Quality as a measureable entity, we have devised our quality objectives to meet with the goals of green energy, customer satisfaction, economical pricing, efficient devices and elimination of carbon footprints and emission of VOC from our energy generation systems and methods.

HIES Green Standards

At Home Smart Energy, we conform to the quality standards of the Home Insulation and Energy Systems UK, in principle and practice. The code of practice for the accreditation involves the implementation of the audits, preventive and corrective measures to overcome the non-conformances.

  • Consumer Centric: The HIES has a dual oriented approach to quality and green systems that ensure safety, protection, clean energy, cost effectiveness and quality to the consumer in the first part.
  • Green Friendly: In the second part, its guidelines specify green friendly systems installation, configuration and maintenance procedures. At Home Smart Energy, we conform to all the standards and guidelines at every stage of our services. Our vendor, product and material selection methods ensure complete conformance.

Our Process

  • Assessor's visit

  • Surveyor's visit

  • Installation

  • Post inspection visit

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    Dominic Gardner
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