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Centralized heating for your home and commercial buildings at affordable rates is a key element of services at Home Smart Energy. As a heating contractor, we can install and configure the A-rated thermodynamic devices and heating equipment at your premises. Our efficient connectivity between the two systems ensures comprehensive coverage, zero losses and maximum savings. The consistent ROI you earn from our systems can quickly turn into profits, once you recover your investments. In addition you get the sophisticated system of uninterrupted heating during all the seasons.

Heating System Infrastructure

Our infrastructure of heating system channels for hot water and radiator heating flow from the thermodynamic magic box. We can install a dedicated pressure pump and the pipes to connect with all the room heating radiators in your home. Individual connectivity with each radiator ensures maximum heating effects and zero loss of energy.

  • Radiator Heating: Our radiator installation follows the simple principle of shortest piping distance to preserve the maximum possible heat transfer into every radiator from the magic-box. Our pipelines balance the flow rate and water pressure at optimum levels for maximum heat transfer into the radiators. You can control the heat output through the individual panels on each radiator. The flowing water transfers the remnant heat back to the source without any waste. The centralized system balances the heat transfer rate depending on the temperature of the incoming water. This sort of design helps you in saving the energy during the heating process.
  • Floor Heating: At Home Smart Energy, our centralized heaters can also work efficiently for the floor heating systems. You can avail our services for your new homes and existing accommodations. We can undertake the project of pipe installation beneath the floor level with the radiant heating system. The lower installation costs and safety factors make this system highly affordable and freely installable in your entire home. There are no risks of short circuits or system breakdown that are common to the electric floor heaters. Moreover, the system is highly environment friendly with zero traces of pollution.

Service Infrastructure

At Home Smart Energy, we are able to provide complete customer satisfaction with our comprehensive service architecture. The first part has the hardware infrastructure explained above. The second key component is our HR for technical part of the services. Te third and the most critical part is the customer support.

  • Trained HR: Our HR team of engineers, technicians, servicemen and workforce gets training on the latest, technology, hardware upgrades and the ever increasing customer needs and demands. We can inspect your home interiors and calculate the heating requirements accurately. Then we suggest you the most economical system that delivers the maximum output to fulfill your needs and demands. Once we get your approval, we can install the equipment and the pipes all over your home for the centralized heating.
  • Customer Support: As a leading heating contractor in UK, Home Smart Energy provides the best rated customer support during the pre-installation, configuration and post installation services. You can contact our helpdesk and emergency services at any time of your convenience to get real time assistance.

Our Process

  • Assessor's visit

  • Surveyor's visit

  • Installation

  • Post inspection visit

Our Magic Thermodynamic Box has been Featured on Channel 4’s ‘Grand Designs’

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