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At Home Smart Energy, we provide the top rated solar panels that work under extreme weather conditions to generate optimum power for your home and commercial buildings. The photovoltaic sensitivity of the panels makes them work in low light conditions which could be less than 200-LUX. The design and construction methods also protect the panel from extreme heat when the energy conversion rate is high. Our system is equipped with high volume PV storage system with direct and AC compatible batteries. They help to reduce your dependence on conventional electricity supplies for heating, lighting and other needs in your home.

Panel Profile

  • Photo Sensitivity: The photosensitivity of our solar panels is sufficient to transform low intensity light into continuous stream of energy. The dimension and the photovoltaic cell are designed to absorb the light and heat at multiple angles with equal efficiency. The arrays of cells in series /parallel connections generate electricity at highly reduced costs when compared to the conventional electricity supply lines.
  • Material Efficiency: The lightweight silicon materials on the PV cell have the optimized shape to get maximum exposure per unit time. This energy passes through the connected cables to the inverter in the form of direct current. The solar cells work at high efficiency ratio with zero conversion and transmission losses. It is made possible with the help of photo electric conversion of heat into kinetic energy.
  • Conversion Ratio: Our solar panels can convert the low intensity radiations from the sun and the ambient temperature resident in the surrounding air into useful direct current. In extreme conditions the ratio could be 1:1, while in the standard conditions, it could increase up to 1:8 or more. The assembly design of the panels ensures sufficient electricity for your home and commercial buildings.
  • Crystalline Density: The density of the silicon crystals within each cell determines the volume of energy and its ratio to the emission and transmission losses. The PV cells we select for our panels based on its light weight, flexibility, economic viability, energy generation per unit time and other parameters. The design and construction of our solar panels ensure optimum power supply to your home during peak hours.
  • PV Cell Count: The conventional way of generating more energy from the panels is to increase the number of cells in each panel. This approach naturally resulted in heavy panels, huge losses and decreased efficiency. Hence, we have chosen the PV cells that have multiple layers of PV cells. The combined energy generated by each cell is approximately equal to 2 or 3 standard PV cells. That means the energy conversion and electricity transmission rates remain at the highest level of efficiency without any system breakdown.

Assembly and Installation

At Home Smart Energy we work on pre-assembled lightweight panels with systematically designed frames. The entre enclosure protects the individual cells from exposure to harsh elements. Our aim is to reduce the first time installation and the regular maintenance costs by more than 95% of the existing models. Our methods can ensure that we attain this goal with the quickest possible time.

Our Process

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